Dining at the Cosmic Café
How To Be and Do and Have
Whatever You Desire

by Kate Corbin



Dining at the Cosmic CafeDining at the Cosmic Café is the book you’ve been looking for all your life. It’s the manual that reveals how life works and outlines the rules of the game. It’s the resource that enables you to apply the magic of the Law of Attraction and become the conscious creator of your own precious life.

Dining at the Cosmic Café
 gold star  describes the secrets to living a life of joy every moment of every day
gold star   empowers you to design and create your ideal life – including your dream job, true love, paradise health, financial prosperity, ideal body weight, and more
gold star   explains – with 43 easy-to-read chapters and 34 fun exercises – how to be and do and have whatever you desire

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As you begin applying the life-enhancing principles presented here, you will find that you have entered a Magical Universe:

gold star  where dreams really do come true
gold star   where Life itself is a pure joy
gold star   where, truly, All is Well

With Dining at the Cosmic Café to guide you,
gold star   never again will you feel stuck with an undesirable life
gold star   never again will you give up on your dreams
gold star   never again will you settle for less than you truly desire

Now, with Dining at the Cosmic Café as your north star,
gold star   you truly can Have It All!
gold star   your Life can be a Joyous Adventure
gold star   you can Order and Receive whatever you desire from the Cosmic Café.

Want to try a taste of Dining at the Cosmic Café? (Adobe Reader required)

gold star Table of Contents
gold star  Chapter 1: How Life Works – The Rules of the Game
gold star
  Chapter 16: The Path From Mediocre To Meteoric

What would it be worth to you to begin living the life of your
dreams today? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?

Well, here it is – the secrets to joy, abundance, vibrant good health, and fulfilling relationships –

[for just $20]

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