Coaching With Kate

I find that many people understand the Law of Attraction but need support in applying the principles in their own lives. This is what I do. I assist my clients in applying the Law of Attraction to turn their dreams into their reality. My coaching takes quite a spiritual approach, recognizing that connection with Source is the basis for not only attracting what we desire, but is also the basis for living a happy life.

My Promise to You:

Law of Attraction coaching gold star As your Law of Attraction Coach, I promise to encourage, inspire and motivate you to claim the best life you can imagine – personally, professionally, physically and spiritually.
gold star As your Guide, I promise to see you where you want to be and, like a lighthouse, consistently call you there.
gold star As your Confidant and Mentor, I promise to listen with respect and without judgment, always focused on your highest potential and committed to your greatest happiness.

My focus is always on empowering you to BE YOUR BEST SELF – the person you always dreamed you could be.

gold stargold starCOACHING OPTIONSgold stargold star

Law of attraction coach gold star Telephone Coaching. Whether you’re seeking short-term support for a particular situation or ongoing support and a partner for your journey, you’re sure to find these telephone sessions both joyful and empowering. I invite you to review my Accolades page to find out what my amazing clients have to say about coaching with me.
($200 per hour)

gold star Vibrational Assessment. A series of questions designed to help you articulate your core desires, identify and replace limiting beliefs and easily align with your dreams. Especially recommended at the beginning of our journey together.

gold star Coaching by the Month. With my full attention laser-focused on you and your specific desires, you can expect sweet relief, epiphanies, and cool power tools for creating your best life. This is Law of Attraction mentoring at its best and includes three leading edge phone coaching sessions, interim email support plus a vibrational assessment.

gold star Six Session Package. Enjoy six high vibrational Law of Attraction phone coaching sessions at a discounted rate.  We’ll have fun and do great things together!

gold star One Year Full Immersion Program. If you’re ready to jump into your new life with both feet, let’s spend a full year together. With weekly phone coaching sessions [48 total], interim email support and a vibrational assessment, we’ll blend the practical and the magical to create the extraordinary life you desire and deserve.

gold star Phone Consultation. Now that the Law of Attraction has brought us together, I invite you to contact me for a meet-and-greet phone consultation so we can get this party started.
(No Charge)

The question now becomes:
Are you ready to BE Your Best Self and
LIVE Your Best Life?

Call 805-770-2655 or e-mail me today.

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