About Kate

Motivated by an intense desire to unravel the mysteries of life, and with a deep inner knowing that it IS possible to be happy, I’ve been a life-long seeker of wisdom and truth. As a child, I remember asking the big what’s-it-all-about questions. Unable to find anyone with satisfying answers, I set out in search of wisdom.

My journey called me to look fear in the face and stare it down, feel sorrow and rise above it, bump up against defeat and insist on victory. When my search brought me to Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction, I knew I had found the treasure.

Having embraced the life-enhancing principles of the Law of Attraction, I find myself in an entirely new Universe – a Magical Universe where dreams really do come true, where Life itself is a pure joy and where, truly, All is Well.

Now, as a Law of Attraction Coach, it is my pleasure and my privilege to share these Universal life principles with YOU.

Law of Attraction Coaching is based on the certainty that:

gold star for Law of Attraction  You CAN HAVE what you want.
gold star for Law of Attraction  You DO HAVE what you’ve been focusing on.
gold star for Law of Attraction  You WILL HAVE what you choose to focus on now.

If you’re ready to create the reality you truly desire . . .

If you’re committed to living more joyously, more powerfully, more prosperously . . .

If you’re dedicated to having more fun, feeling better than you ever have in your life, and truly making every day the Best Day Ever, then . . .

Tell me your dreams and we’ll co-create them together!

Call 805-770-2655 or e-mail me today.

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