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Dining at the Cosmic Café

Dining at the Cosmic Cafe book covergold star“I want to thank you for the ebooks you have written. I have all of them on my computer. I also use your material for my coaching clients who benefit greatly. The language is very clear and you express the teachings of Abraham very well! I myself benefit greatly from all your books and read them regularly.”
Alexander Rutgers –
gold star“What an awesome book! It is one of the best law of attraction books I’ve read. I am on its 2nd read.”
🙂 Lorrie
gold star“I really love reading Dining at the Cosmic Café at lunch in my car. It gives me a super shot of positive energy to get through the rest of my day. And it always reminds me that I am in charge and reminds me of who I really am. I am a master, I am a creator of my life, I am an extension of non-physical, I am worthy, I am joy, I am greeeaaat!!! Thank you so much for writing this book and helping me get to where I am today. THANKS times one hundred million, trillion, times.”
Barb Melloh
gold starYour books have completely changed my thinking and the way I look at things. I appreciate all your efforts to uplift the lives of different people in the world. Your
best follower…”
Moses from Uganda–East Africa
gold star“I think your book, Dining at the Cosmic Café, is the best there is on how to apply LOA in our daily lives. Thank you so much for your teachings. I think you are the best.”
gold starAll is well now, Kate. Thank you plenty. Your book is a masterpiece. I’ve never been so moved, so uplifted, so thrilled, so alive, so able, so in control, so powerful, so unstoppable. I go back and read pieces of it just to make sure it said what it said and then revel in it. I’ve been a laughing, joyous, energetic, optimistic, unstoppable bundle at work for the past week. Thank you again for an extraordinary experience. In eternal gratitude.”
gold starDining at the Cosmic Café is magnificent and fantastic and captivating.”
gold star“It is not possible to get through this book without experiencing a shift in your knowledge and understanding about what is possible for you and the life you’re living. Kate’s ability to present this information is magical, simple, and beautiful all at once. Her style of writing makes it a joy to embrace information that is not widely known or easily understood. Although there are many books on the market today about the Law of Attraction, there isn’t any other I give a stronger recommendation to. Kate’s analogies are both brilliant and creative, and best of all, make it easy to embrace and practice the concepts that will change your life for good. As someone who has walked her talk, Kate’s words are even more impactful. I’ve never known another person who not only understood the Law of Attraction this well, but also practiced it day in and day out, in good times and bad. She has truly proven it to be a way of life for her, not just something to practice now and then. Her power as a Life Coach is second to none, and I’m thrilled that she has finally made her wisdom available to others in the form of this book.”
Jeannette Maw –
gold star“Your e-book Dining at the Cosmic Café is excellent. I love Think & Grow Thin and I love this one too! It’s funny how the Law of Attraction works. As much as I love the Abraham-Hicks books, I find that the language they use is sometimes a bit confusing. I found myself thinking “I wish there was a book that provided the same information but in a more down to earth way” and Voila! I found (or attracted actually) your books. It really is as easy as ask and it is given. Thanks for the great books!”
gold star“Your book, Dining at the Cosmic Café, is just outstanding.”
gold star“Hi Kate, I finished reading your book, Dining at the Cosmic Café, today and I have to say I am beyond impressed. Wow! You have an exceptional talent for writing and the layout is gorgeous too. I read a LOT, and few books call out to be read a second time. This one goes on my reread list with the classics. Excellent. Just plain excellent.
JT Chandler
gold star“This book is another gem by the wonderful Ms. Corbin. It is so great I read it twice. It is a wonderful subtle reminder that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to use the Law of Attraction to fulfill their desires in a fun and lighthearted way. I am sure it will help many people live their dreams!”
gold starI purchased both of your e-books and they’re really great. Just wanted to tell you that. Love, Fernando from Uruguay, South America.”
gold star“I have truly enjoyed reading your book, Dining at the Cosmic Café, and think it is beneficial to anyone who reads it.”
Gary Glasscock
gold star“I wrote to you a while ago thanking you for your brilliant book. The Secret DVD, together with your book, are taking me from strength to strength. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realise that whatever I ask for I get!! It has been truly amazing – going from being on the virtual breadline to having a thriving business. [. . .] Your book is my bedtime reading and I virtually know it off by heart…lol….I am so grateful to you and everyone from The Secret.”
gold star“I purchased your book, Dining at the Cosmic Café, and I enjoyed it so much. There is a lot of information out there, but yours was one of the best to me.”
gold star“I absolutely loved every word I read, all done, and now I will read it again because it makes me FEEL GOOD! Thanks so much!”
gold starDining at the Cosmic Café is like going to a 5 star restaurant. Kate gives us the best service imaginable and a full course meal that even includes dessert! This book raises my vibration as I read it and you bet I keep reading and reading it. The material is expansive and rich with law of attraction content. This is a Café that I return to often and highly recommend that others do the same. “


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