Coaching Accolades

gold star“Thank you for being my Xanax!”
W.T.M. – Boise, ID
gold star“After finding Abraham’s teachings and the Law of Attraction, I had so many questions that seminars and recordings couldn’t satisfy, so I sought out a coach. Working with Kate is like getting to be on the phone with Esther, only in the body and mind of the also hilarious, warm, kind, encouraging, wild and utterly inspired Kate Corbin.  Kate has lead me to results that I had banged around trying to get to for years and she helped me allow them to manifest gently and easily.  Kate is a rare force of nature and guidance. Her answers ring as true and clear and consistently as Abraham’s. She feels much more like a channel than a coach to me.  And the best part is that she is so fun. And so kind. And so joyful. She lives what she shares, which makes her guidance feel both accessible and appealing. I plan on working with her for a very long time as I cannot imagine my life without her guidance.
M.R.B – New York City
gold star“I so appreciate having Kate in my life as she helped me remember that we are all powerful creators of our life experience. I went from being unsure about almost every aspect of my life, creating by accident and letting reality dictate my thoughts to literally creating my perfect desired experience. Kate uncovered limiting beliefs I did not know I had and coached me to reframe for the outcomes I desired. My life has transformed since I attracted Kate into my experience and she has been instrumental in this beautiful journey. Just last month I felt ready and aligned with the idea of co-creating a baby with my husband. Kate encouraged me to allow for my baby to come to us in an effortless and fun way and it really was that easy. I am now pregnant after one month of allowing! I look forward to continuing down this path of bliss and expressing possibility to myself and those around me.”
R.V. – Austin, TX
gold star“I want to thank you for all your love and guidance and support over the years. I have made an incredible amount of progress working with you and always look forward to our sessions. You were such a huge part of bringing our baby into the world. He arrived perfect and at the perfect time for everyone. I think people who are struggling to become parents should know they REALLY CAN do it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over to my amazing, talented, smart, funny, sweet, charming and overall awesome coach.”
K.A. – Boston, MA
gold star“Thank you for helping me realize that I can find the answers inside by lining up with it. Rediscovering that has created a major shift in me. And thank you once again for all your love and gentleness. I mean that from the heart.”
Chandni – Delhi, India
gold star“Kate, you are an absolutely phenomenal coach! You have helped me tremendously through your guidance and expertise. You have made things SO clear to me. My mom says she sees a HUGE difference in me since we began working together last year and that things in my life have gotten worlds better. You are such a wonderful person and what you do for others is nothing short of amazing . . . I could not have done this without you!”
Amy S – Austin, TX
gold star“Kate is a wonderful coach and I cannot recommend her enough! In the absence of a one to one with Esther and Abraham, Kate can help you with any matter connected with Law of Attraction, conscious creation and who we are in relation to our powerful Source. Kate has helped me in wonderful down to earth terms and the most sincerest of manners. She is gentle, kind, funny and over the moon with authentic joy and willingness to help you on your way. I love Kate and strongly suggest that you approach her for your Deliberate Creation needs. She knows her stuff on the A-Z syllabus of the Law of Attraction and will steer you in the direction of your highest good.
Heather – San Francisco, CA
gold star“I feel great and am so excited. I am on a good trajectory and have been unstuck – thanks to you. I appreciate all of your assistance, guidance and support . . I have seen the impossible made possible in my life and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. I appreciate your ability to guide me to release this resistance. . . . Thank you very much for helping me to make my life an amazing adventure!
Michelle – Alexandria, VA
gold star“I can’t possibly express how grateful I am to you, Kate. I asked the Universe for help and they sent me you. What a gift!!! I’ve come a long way with your help. I’ve found relief from my negative thoughts – just as you said I would. Again and again and again – thank you thank you thank you. With much gratefulness for our connection.”
Jane – Fond du Lac, WI
gold starThe Universe gave me one of the greatest gifts ever helping me find Kate. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience that she is more than willing to share. The gentle way she guides me to the place I want to be is incredible no matter how many times we need to talk about the same subject. She has such an amazing way to make our conversations so easy that before I know it I have shifted to a different place and view whatever situation we were talking about completely differently and from a better point of view. When I hear her voice saying “Hello, Danielle” my vibration immediately shoots up and it puts a smile to my face and get excited for the rest of the conversation. I can talk to Kate about any topic and not feel any embarrassment or judgment from her. Kate not only helps me attract amazing material physical things but the real gift she provided me with was to help me remember and discover again the amazing person I am and have always been and that gift is priceless.”
Danielle – Madison, WI
gold starThank God for you and your guidance, Coach Kate! I can feel my confidence building and my inner sense of what I need and want in my life. I also feel my connection with my intuition building. Feel centered. Getting lots of messages from the Source! Thank you so very much for your excellent guidance and wisdom! Thank you for being there with your positive energy and coaching!!!! Much love and appreciation.”
Catherine V – Chapel Hill, NC
gold starI’m beyond grateful to have found Kate. She holds the biggest vision for what’s possible in life and gives me practical, simple tools for stepping into that. She’s helped me open up to more abundance and more ideal clients – and to enjoy the process. I now have a daily gratitude practice that completely shifts the outlook of each day. Kate has also helped me through a period of family upheaval and I’ve been able to support my loved ones in effective ways. If you want continual reminders of how easy and joyful life is meant to be, book a conversation with Kate. She is truly a vibrational wizard!”
Corrina Gordon-Barnes
gold starWorking with Coach Kate has been a life-changing experience for me. I am an Executive Business Coach and have been in practice for 14 years, and began experiencing some untoward changes in my life and practice which more than perplexed me. I quickly learned there is never a one-size-fits-all approach with Kate. She listens intently and tailors recommendations brilliantly. Her coaching is insightful, dynamic and empowering. Kate quickly gets to the “it” of the matter which leaves me feeling energized, confident, resolute and good to go! After being a student of the Law of Attraction for years, I have finally been able to put the pieces together. Thank you a million times, Kate! You are the BEST! You have FREEEED me! I feel released in body, mind and spirit. You are a miracle in my life!
Sandra Bishop, President, Executive Solutions –
gold starI’m so glad I attracted Kate as my coach. She is such an amazing listener and brings her positive energy to fuel my positive energy, which is just what I need in my life! She always uplifts me and helps me think through my problems. With Kate’s support, I have learned to appreciate what is around me; I have manifested the salary of my dreams; and, for the first time in like 2 years, I no longer have anxiety about being on an airplane! Kate gives me the tools I need to handle any situation – skills I can use forever. I was good at manifesting but now it happens faster and I feel as though I can truly have anything I desire! She is a great role model, I look up to her as a successful woman who can change people’s outlooks on life, so cool! Having a coach who is living her dream is contagious and inspiring!
Holly Del Rosso – New York City
gold starKate is the best coach in the entire universe. When we talk on the phone, I feel really terrific. She is always so positive and full of life. I get inspired to do things when we talk. She says the perfect things right when I need to hear them. I’m totally amazed at how much I’ve learned from her. I’ve learned how to attract money and how to manage it. I’ve learned how to focus on the positive and allow in my natural state of Well-Being. I’ve learned about visualization and affirmations. She helped me stop smoking and improve my overall health. She even showed me how it’s possible to feel good and not have to take medicine to do it. The biggest thing was introducing me to my Inner Being. I didn’t even know I had an Inner Being. Connecting with my Inner Being has made all the difference. I know with 100% certainty that Kate can help anybody with anything at anytime from anywhere. She is totally awesome!!!Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Kate!!!”
Barb Melloh – Cincinnati, OH
gold star“Click! Click! Click! This is what I experienced during my first two months of coaching with Kate as my new clarity on the Law of Attraction pushed me up to a higher vibration!!! I had been an avid follower of Abraham for about 4 years and Kate has a gift for making Abraham’s message much easier to understand. Her personal and positive experience with the Law of Attraction and her clear, in-depth understanding of the material gave me the boost and clarity I needed to go to the next level. As a result, I have had many exciting material manifestations as well as many ‘aha’ moments. The big win for me was being able to transform myself from a pauper to a queen. Now as Queen Christine, I KNOW I can create my own life. Definitely a paradigm shift! Now as Queen Christine, I LIVE and ENJOY my life as a creator and life feels much easier and more fun. I now know that what I want in my life already exists in the Vortex. And getting into the Vortex is not mysterious anymore. I love going there often!!! Kate’s insightful, articulate description of the Law of Attraction and her high vibration is very very contagious! She is an awesome co-creator.
Christine P. Oh, DDS
gold starKate is a pure delight. Connecting with her immediately brings me into a space of joy, passion and possibilities. Exploring the Law of Attraction in a deeper way through our coaching has been immensely refreshing, beautifully complementing the other growth work I have done and continue to embrace in my journey. I am grateful for Kate’s loving support, profound wisdom, tender spirit and intuitive guidance. Every single contact I have with Kate, without exception, leaves me feeling outrageously inspired and abundantly supported. Kate has the most exquisite talent for waking us up to who we really are as powerful co-creators with the Universe. Thank you Kate for sharing your sparkling spirit, huge heart and invaluable wisdom! You are a truly brilliant and immensely warm guide and an absolute master at guiding me into my Vortex! Coaching with you is priceless.
Carrie Garber
gold star“Interested in the Law of Attraction and how I could better apply it to my life, I started working with Kate. Six months into our sessions, I am happier and stronger, and fuelled by confidence in my Power. I am amazed at the changes in my life. I am amazed by Kate and her enthusiastic, unwavering support as I go through life and learn from her an entirely new way of living and looking at things. She has a talent for showing me how to find the positive in any situation — a key element of LOA. I look forward to our weekly sessions and all the new wonders that they bring. We laugh a lot, and that makes our sessions particularly enjoyable. My life is so much better and I am so much happier than I was six months ago, because I am learning to live my best life now. There’s a mysterious energy out there to harness, and Kate Corbin has showed me how. For this, I am most grateful — and looking forward to working with her some more. The better it gets, the better it gets.”
Reenie – Ottawa, Canada
gold star“I have done counseling, personal growth, worked with Debbie Ford, written a book, done vision quests, devoured every personal growth book and journey and retreat I could and then I met Coach Kate!! Kate has guided me to a level of joy and freedom and truth my heart and soul have been aching for over 50 years. I am living heaven on earth now truly. I hope to make a difference in the world like Kate has made in every fiber of my being!! Thank you, Kate, for giving me wings!!
Melaney Sreenan, Ph.D
gold star“Kate, you are the REAL DEAL! I was looking for the PERFECT Law of Attraction Life Coach and I attracted YOU! You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. You asked me, ‘What do you WANT?’ I told you I wanted to be on Oprah and show people how to forgive. I wanted to tell the world about my experiences growing up with an alcoholic, as depicted in my book, Dear Dad – Life Through the Eyes of an Adult Child of an Alcoholic . I wanted people to know that they can rise above the negative and live the life of their dreams. After working with you for only a short time, I found myself sitting on the stage of the Oprah show as a guest speaker and living out my dream! Kate, you radiate positivity. You taught me how to be in vibrational alignment with the things I want. You showed me the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My gratitude is endless!”
Kelly Bookamer – Westhampton, NY
gold star“Working with you helps me to raise my vibration and helps me to speed up the attraction time. I received two job offers, so all of our work paid off. Our work together was fun and inspiring. I look forward to continuing it. You are a constant fixture now on my gratitude list!”
Kruti – Washington, D.C.
gold star“Hi Kate! Thanks for being such an uplifting and enlightening coach!!!!!!!!!!!! How lucky for me that you do what you love for a living. You’re the best!”
Amy – Worcester, MA
gold star“I am forever grateful to Coach Kate for introducing me to my Inner Being! Before I met Kate, I thought I was a positive, happy individual who suffered from anxiety and worry here and there. I did fun things sometimes, if I wasn’t fearful of something bad happening. I played it safe and took a lot seriously, probably too seriously. I had been to counseling for years (since I was a child) and took anti-anxiety meds here and there as well to help with the symptoms of the anxiety. My mind was ALWAYS thinking and going and never felt rested or calm. I lacked inner peace and wanted it soooo bad. After many phone sessions with Kate, and emails galore, I can say with such joy that ‘I have and feel true inner peace…My natural state is well-being…I am in power of my thoughts…I can do anything I want with joy, love, peace…I have the tools to reach for high vibrations and the tools to always feel good and create new desires…these tools are simply, MY THOUGHTS!!!’ Thank you, Kate, I’m so excited about all that I’m learning. YOU are the best coach ever! :)”
Corinne – East Quogue, NY
gold starI am in great appreciation of your awesome coaching! Thank you for all your help, Kate. It’s been golden to have time with you and I have grown heaps and heaps. I have such love-filled thoughts about our sessions together – the fun of them – the thrill of them – the delight of it all. Great joy and big hugs, Barbie”
Barbie – Queensland, Australia
gold star“Thank you, Kate, for coaching me with your loving heart and your beautiful spirit. You are always so inspiring. I am filled with love and appreciation for all that you have done for me. You are amazing and you are such an inspiration. Your words of wisdom renew my spirit and my body. Your energy is like spring.
Amanda – Durham, NC
gold star“Hey Kate, once again a big thank you to you for listening to me and helping me to unravel the mysteries and treasures of life. You are a Godsend and a future household name in the field of life coaching!!
Greg – Orlando, FL
gold star“Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me. You are an amazing coach and I appreciate you immensely! I learn so much from you and look forward each week to sharing all the great news about my progress and the wonderful things that I manifest. Thanks for being the most awesome coach ever!!
Maelien – Honolulu, HI
gold starMy life is so much better because of you. I know that, if I am in a funk, I will feel better after talking with you and will be able to take productive action.”
Ruth – Raleigh, NC
gold star“You are magnificent. You always say the right thing. You listen. You understand. It is a real pleasure to hear your voice and feel your glowing personality and positive energy coming thru the line. Thanks, Coach!”
William – Tucson, AZ
gold star“Dear Super-Duper Coach Kate: You are not just a great coach but a great LEADER and the greatest tribute I want to give you is a desire to be more like you! I am just plain thrilled with this work and with YOU. I am eternally appreciative of your presence in my life.”
Ketayun – New York City
gold star“Hi Kate, I want to thank you for helping me get out of a major rut. I’ve since gotten a lot done on the business and have had several people volunteer – out of the blue – to help me with some key issues I was having. I like your quote about not letting my joy depend on what anyone else is living.”
Julie – Raleigh, NC
gold star“Just talking with you makes me feel so much better. I’m drawn to you as I’m drawn to Esther Hicks and Joe Vitale. I feel absolutely wonderful and I have you to thank. You are certainly blessed with a great gift. I’ve never felt so much at peace and such freedom. I was telling my friends today how fortunate I am to have attracted you into my life. And your book, Dining at the Cosmic Café, is just outstanding.”
Angela – Newark, NJ
gold star“On Thanksgiving, one of the things that I thought about that I’m most grateful for is having met you. Your guidance has been invaluable.
Ellen – New York City
gold starI loved having you as a coach and I learned a lot. I am really excited to continue using LOA and watching my manifestations. The past month has been wonderful.”
Kami – Pueblo, CO
gold star“You have magical powers. When I do ideal scene with you, it always happens perfectly . . . I am very thankful for you, very thankful for the possibilities you have planted in my brain and for the ways that you help me to think myself into a place that I want to be. You are doing life-changing work for me and you are so wonderful. Thanks SO much for being the best coach who ever lived!
Joyce – New York City
gold star“Thank you so much, Kate, for helping me this last 6 months. I so appreciate having you in my life. You always make me feel so good. I so look forward to our calls. It means so much that I have someone in my life who believes in me as much as you do. Surely you must be the Master Magic Maker!”
Imelda – Brighton, UK
gold star“Thanks so much for everything, Kate. You’re a great coach. I feel that in such a short time you gave me the push I needed. Thank you again – a million times a day. I love knowing that someone else is helping me create my best me.”
Diana – New York City
gold star“I was reading an article that successful people don’t do it alone – they hire coaches. And, Kate, you are a totally awesome coach! You have guided me to new grand heights and I am filled with gratitude to have you in my life.”
Update: I love my new life! Everything we worked on in my coaching a few years back has now come into being!
Beky – Santa Rosa, CA
gold star“I feel soooooo good after talking with you. You are such an inspiring, awesome coach!
Shelli – Dubuque, Iowa
gold star“THANK YOU SO MUCH, KATE! This is huge. I can definitely see my path clearly now and I couldn’t have gotten here without you. I appreciate you so much. I have felt more alive since working with you. Thank you, Kate, for all you do!!”
Christy – Atlanta
gold star“I have really, really enjoyed working with you, and would love to sign up for more sessions eventually. I think about all that I have gotten from our month together, which has been amazing! . . . Every time I have gotten off the phone with you, and read your incredibly in depth responses to my questions, I always feel SO GOOD, and that this has been worth every, single penny! I really appreciated the core belief work that we did. That was more effective work around that issue than my therapist has ever done with me!
Aimee – New York City
gold starYou never cease to amaze me, Kate! You truly are a magical Law of Attraction coach. A magical coach of the practical combined with the magical. What a perfect combination! You zero in on a vibration that I need help with and before I know it, I am seeing it in a new light. It’s like seeing through an out-of-focus pair of glasses but I don’t realize they are out-of-focus until you put a new pair of clear lenses on me. It is amazing how much we work on each session. Thank you, Kate, for all of your wonderful coaching. I’m truly leading life in a higher vibration thanks to you.
Tracy Wallace –
gold star“Thank God I’ve had you to keep me in check this year. You came into my life at the perfect time. You are so tuned into how the Law of Attraction works and now it all makes so much sense to me too. I’m really lucky that I met you and really happy that I hired you as my personal coach. You are wonderful. Thank you for everything.”
Heidi – San Francisco
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