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Think and Grow Thin book covergold star“This is HANDS DOWN the best book I have ever read on thinking yourself thin. You have a tremendous gift. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing it with me and others. You have changed my life forever!!
gold star“I’ve never done this before but I just had to tell you how much I loved your book. I’ve purchased similar books and have read almost every piece of material ever written about diets and losing weight. But your book was easy to read and understand and made a ton of sense to me. I’m so excited!! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with others :)”
gold star“I just wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful, powerful, and effective book. Think and Grow Thin is truly a great book on how to use the law of attraction to attract the body of your dreams (or anything else for that matter). I’m feeling a powerful shift within me regarding my body. I just KNOW this is going to work for me. I’ve read many books on the LOA and I can confidently say that yours is among the best, both in theory and application. Thank you so much for writing it! “
gold star“This is a fabulous book . . . You will love it. Kate is so good at putting this concept together and she practices this…that is why she is in such great shape. I appreciate this book so much and every now and again I re-read it because it is filled with brilliance about weight and about generally applying the Law of Attraction into life! A little book with a lot to say.”
Peggy Halevi –
gold starToday, Universe whispered to me to re-read Think and Grow Thin. After many more diets since first reading this book in 2011, I finally get that it is ‘Feeling Good’ and ‘What I think and how I feel’ which brings me the body I want. I have come a lo~~~ng way in my understanding of LOA. Thank you for writing this book!
Christine P. Oh, DDS
gold star“Law of Attraction Coach Kate Corbin’s new book is amazing. She takes the principles of Law of Attraction outlined in her first book, Dining at the Cosmic Café: How to Be and Do and Have Whatever You Desire, and applies them to everyone’s favorite subject – weight loss. Think & Grow Thin is packed with exercises that are not only fun and easy, but effective. She allows the reader to choose what feels right to them, not just follow a generic formula. This book is filled with empowering processes, meditations, success stories, and an easy-to-follow, step-by-step Plan to attain and maintain your ideal body weight. If you want to lose weight, or just love your body more, this is the book for you.
Ellen Wood –
gold star“When I began seriously studying Think and Grow Rich about 18 months ago, I immediately thought to myself, ‘Well, if I can think and grow rich, then surely I can think and grow thin.’ I came across Kate’s book and therein was the answer I was seeking. She methodically takes us through the process of letting go of the thought patterns that have gotten us to our unwanted state, and then how to take this part of our life back as well. The most freeing statement that I use constantly in every area of my life is that “we get to if we want to”. No more should, have to, supposed to in this household. Thank you, Kate, for reminding us how simple freedom can really be. You are truly one of my favorite people.”
Jennifer Wideman
gold star“I have so enjoyed reading your wonderful book, Think & Grow Thin, and putting the concepts into practice. Love to you.”
Ann Strong –
gold star“First, I want to thank you for writing Think and Grow Thin. I have read the book at least 3 times over and am continually doing this because I enjoy it so much. I definitely see and feel a difference in my body now and always get complimented by my friends and family who have all noticed that I am losing weight. Trust me, my food intake is exactly the same (if not more) than before. It’s like magic.”
gold starWow. What a superb book. It feels like you are a huge cheerleader all the way along the process to thinking yourself thin. I realize that all I have to do is think “thin” thoughts and they will eventually take over. I can feel that I am on the way. Keep up the awesome work.”
gold star“I can’t thank you enough for your book. I have struggled my whole life with my weight and ALWAYS knew what you say in your book to be true however I have never found anyone who could validate my beliefs. I did get the DVD and CD from Abraham-Hicks ‘Think and Get Slim’ but I felt they were all addressing the individuals’ struggles. While I could identify with some, it didn’t seem to give me the practical answers I needed as your book does. Thank you thank you thank you.”
gold star“Hi Kate, Bravo to you!!! I read the book in two sittings. It’s a topic near and dear to my heart, as I went on my first diet at age 14 and have yo-yo’d up and down as much as 60 pounds for the past 42 years. The information is clear and concise, well-structured, and written in a way that motivates. It serves as a good reminder reference book that I will read over and over to reinforce those things that I know but have to continually remind myself of. For someone who’s just starting to learn of LOA, it’s a magnificent book that pulls it all together and especially great for a person who has tried to lose weight in the past through struggling and discomfort. So it definitely works and I thank you for adding to my library of resources and all the best to you for your continued success with your coaching and publishing.”
gold star“I am so enjoying your book and it has already made a huge difference. It is just what I needed at this time. The concept of not feeling satisfied was also revealed to me, so I am working with feeling satisfied in all areas of my life – it is gratitude but with a slightly different twist. Thank you for writing this book that I so need.
gold star“You are a very talented writer ~ love your book!”
gold star“Hi Kate, I finished your book today and I have to tell you it was outstanding! The LOA brought your book to me just in time for the next level of awareness in my journey. . . Your book helped my see why much of what I have done was working. It also enlightened me on the fact that I still held a bit too strongly to the belief that what I have accomplished was mostly attributed to my change in eating habits. Instead I see that was one of the paths I have been inspired to explore but the real truth is ? it’s because I want it and I believe it is possible. I feel another layer of blinders has been removed so that I can more easily reach my goal and maintain it for life. I love those meditations. Thanks so much!”
gold star“Dear Kate, I just wanted to say Thank You, your e-book Think and Grow Thin is Amazing! I am so excited, and feeling so happy. I have already read it twice and I find it so inspiring. I am finally hopeful about getting thin. I have been battling with extra weight for more than 25 years. I’ve been as big as 267 lbs. and for the past couple of years I’ve been hanging around at 230 lbs. Believe me, I have tried so hard for so long, with diets, starving, exercising, diet pills, shakes etc…. The only thing I haven’t tried is letting it be easy, and thinking thin. Your book is truly amazing, the Joy and Excitement I feel is SO AMAZING . I Love it. I Love it, I Love it. Thank You So Very Much.”
gold star“This book offers great support, fresh ideas and uplifting reminders on guiding your thoughts and habits to a more positive stance. It explains the transformations our lives can make when equipped with the understanding of how to feel better – not only transformations in one’s weight and appearance, but also in one’s overall well being! I used to buy into the common notion of middle-age being the time that you just get a thicker middle and things “go south”. And it seemed that the pudgy belly was just something that would not go away. Now that I have switched my thinking and attitude, I am loving having a flat belly at 52! I find chapter 28 especially helpful with this.”
gold star“Wow! Think and Grow Thin is a fantastic book. It is clear, concise and has wonderfully simple processes that have helped me get so excited about having the body I want to have. This book has inspired me to exercise more and enjoy it. I pick up the book several times a day to review the affirmations, clarify my wants and desires, add to my accomplishments and list the things I appreciate in my life. I truly appreciate Think and Grow Thin and Kate Corbin.”
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