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Manifesting from the Inside Out book covergold starThis book is a true contemporary masterpiece with the essence and spirit of the mental science seers from past ages. A concise and flexible book that allows one to delve deeper into oneself without getting lost in law of attraction theories that can paralyze one from taking action. A beautiful and elegant book that is both practical and useful in helping one change their life to reflect their highest ideals and ambition.”
S. Mansa-Hall
gold star“I love your book. It definitely deserves that award [Best LOA Book 2013.] It’s beautifully done. You should have new clients read it as part of the process. It’s easy to read, easy to take in. As easy and simple to understand as possible – that’s what everybody wants.
gold star“I finished reading your book, Manifesting from Inside Out, and am feeling very empowered!”
Christine P. Oh, DDS
gold starThis book is incredible!!!!!!!!! Kate must have been channeling the Universe with every word that was written in this book because it is by far the best guide I have yet to read on the Law of Attraction. The inspiring quotes and stories she provides (one of them my own!) reinforce her wisdom over and over; and the transformational processes are extremely valuable exercises, which center and calm me and bring me back to my authentic self. Manifesting from the Inside Out is very easy to read and follow, is written clearly and concisely, and the more I read it, the better, calmer, and more confident I feel about attracting the life I dream of. I feel truly blessed for having Kate and this book in my life!”
Aimee, M.Ed.
gold star“Combining scientific discoveries with the wisdom of ancient masters and modern teachers, Manifesting from the Inside Out with the Law of Attraction empowers readers with the knowledge that they are the creators of their own reality. This book drives home the point that each person’s individual reality is a reflection of what he or she thinks and feels and a happy, joyful, fulfilling life can only be attained by effecting change from the inside out. Kate’s straight-forward approach to the subject is refreshingly down-to-earth and the transformational processes at the end of each chapter allow readers to immediately bring into practice what they have learned. I will definitely recommend this book to others.”
Lynn Crocker –
gold star“I love this book! It’s a wonderful road map to a better place to live and to be within yourself. It guides you into a brand new way of seeing your world. I felt empowered as I was reading because each chapter is a process of clarity and dependence on one’s own thoughts and creation. I no longer felt at the mercy of what I saw outside of myself. It showed me how I have all the control over my own life in a fun and exciting way. I think this book is a must read and a definite gift to share! Thank you Kate for writing it in such a concise and beautiful way!”
gold starIntelligent, practical, transformative, and fun! Kate combines her knowledge and experience with fun, relevant anecdotes, and shares practical ways to manifest from the inside out. From the start you will find yourself expanding your view (from wherever you may be) in thought provoking ways. Excellent material! I love the opportunity to process/write/expand along with the book and it’s such a great idea to have the reader journal at the beginning and again at the end with the same questions. I love the beautiful images too! Manifesting from the Inside Out is more than a must read, this is a must experience book!”
Belinda Morris –
gold starI highly recommend this book! Manifesting from the Inside Out reminds us that we get to choose Love or Fear by what we choose to think and focus on. We create it all from our thoughts and feelings. It’s an inside job. Kate gives us easy to apply principles and processes, and we can relate to the real life examples. We are our own Source of Love, Acceptance, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Health and Well-being. I have sooo thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and will continually re-read and apply the processes. It’s not just a one time read for sure!!
Sharon Gardner –
gold starManifesting from the Inside Out is a delight. If you are drawn to the work of Abraham-Hicks, Marianne Williamson, and the likes of Rumi and Hafiz, you will enjoy this book. I particularly like the simple, yet powerful processes and understandings that help to shift to more personal power – the place from which you can create the life you are wanting. Thank you for sharing it with me and the world!
Mary-Ellen Kelly
gold starI love Kate’s new book, Manifesting from the Inside Out. In fact, I love all the work Kate provides. This book assists me to recall or rediscover my direct awareness of all the deepest self-loving thoughts available to me, easily and comfortably. As a result of reading this book, I feel more in-love and connected to myself. This book is a wonderful manifestation of Kate’s ability to share her vast knowledge and practical experiences of the Law of Attraction and serves as a testimony to her unique loving art of being a brilliant life coach, as well as a recognized accomplished author.”
Peggy Halevi –
gold star“I finished reading Manifesting from the Inside Out tonight and loved every second of it. I especially LOVE the part about Jesus and Buddha on page 41. That’s exactly what I have always believed. Also, I love the part about creativity coming from your Inner Being. This awesome book is the impetus to finally taking charge and making a life-altering transformation. It’s filled with easy-to-read quotes, personal accounts, and valuable tools. I FEEL GOOD while reading it, but more importantly, after reading it! I’m overwhelmed with excitement and eagerness to now apply what I have learned. I am eternally grateful to have read this empowering book and I recommend it to anyone and everyone! I know Kate’s words will stay with me forever.
gold starKate has beautifully captured the essence of the Law of Attraction in her wonderful new book. If you have been struggling with creating your desired life, this book explains why and will teach you how to reclaim your inner power so you can align with the person you were born to be. Kate covers all the bases – relationships, financial abundance, happiness, health, creativity, and so much more. She shares her own personal stories as well as inspiring stories from others, to provide evidence that manifesting from the inside out works! She also includes transformational processes so you can apply these principles in your own life. This book is a gem for anyone who wants to learn more about the Law of Attraction and how to boost their manifesting power.”
Christa Smith –
gold star“I read all your books and I have to say the previous ones are very good but this new book is phenomenal! I loved it and am anxious to read it again. Thank you very much for writing this, thank you, Kate.”
gold starI read Manifesting from the Inside Out all the way through twice and I think the most interesting thing I learned from this book is about how powerful I am and how I’ve had all this power all my life. I was always blaming others / external circumstances for my unhappy life. The “Guidance from the Inside Out” chapter reminded me that I’m not alone, that my Universal Partner is always with me. I love this book and I feel so inspired to do things to make my life better!
Barb Melloh


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