I Want To Be a Blended Being!

blended beingI want to be a Blended Being! I want to be a Blended Being! I want to be a Blended Being! These are the words and the sentiment that came up from deep inside my life when I first heard Abraham talk about the Blended Being.

It was early 2005 and I had just been introduced to Abraham and the Law of Attraction. I was reading Ask & It Is Given [in my opinion, still the best Law of Attraction book] and listening to recordings [in those days, on cassette tape].

And I was thrilled beyond belief to have found this extraordinarily joyful and empowering philosophy of life.

I was especially excited about the concept of the Blended Being and the idea that we can live our lives fully connected with Source Energy.

A Blended Being is one who is physically focused and enjoying all that physical life experience has to offer; and, at the same time, fully connected to Source, continually receiving guidance, unconditional love, support, intuition and inspiration. Truly the best of both worlds!

Over the years, as I have endeavored to be a more fully Blended Being, I have developed an even deeper appreciation for the value of living in this aligned state.

As a Blended Being:
gold starI know I am never alone. My non-physical support staff is always loving, guiding and supporting me. I have access in every moment to what Joseph Campbell calls supernatural aid.
gold starI know that all is well. When I relax into my natural state of Well-Being, I know that everything is unfolding perfectly even when it doesnt immediately appear that way.
gold starI really get it that were all in this together. As a Blended Being, I can live in oneness, alignment and connection, trusting my custom-made guidance within.
gold starI no longer feel the need to work hard and struggle to make things happen. I can now relax and enjoy mylife in my own way.

Its good to know that when Im sad or worried or fearful, it doesnt mean theres something wrong with me. It simply means my connection with Source in that moment is weak.

And its especially good to know that I can, if I choose, strengthen my connection and strengthen my blendedness by thinking thoughts that feel better and focusing on solutions rather than problems.

As Abraham says, You are connected eternally to Non-Physical Energy. You can pinch it off or you can open it up like a fire hose. I dont know about you, but the fire hose idea sounds like a better choice to me!

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