How To Create Joyful Relationships

joyful relationshipsAs most of us have experienced, relationships can bring us our greatest joys as well as our deepest sorrows. Relationships are such an integral part of our lives that the quality of our relationships often determines the overall quality of our lives. How, then, can we experience relationships that lift us up rather than drag us down?  By exposing limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs, we CAN create wonderfully joyful relationships.

To consciously create the happy, healthy relationships we desire, let’s start by taking a look at:


gold star joyful relationshipsBlaming and Complaining. The more we focus on the unwanted aspects of others, the more unwanted aspects we elicit from them. Ouch!

gold starExpecting Others to Make Us Happy. When our happiness or unhappiness is dependent on the behavior of others, we give away both our power and our freedom.

gold starTrying to Change / Fix / Control Others. If we need others to change so that we can feel good, we are definitely looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

There’s got to be a better way.


gold starFeel Good First. Being independently happy and determined to keep our own vibration high is the perfect platform for creating great relationships. As we know from Law of Attraction, feeling good IS the most important thing.

gold starSelf-Love First. If we want others to love, value, and appreciate us, we must love, value, and appreciate ourselves first. Period.

gold starSource First. When we tend to our primary relationship with our Inner Being / Source / God, then all our other relationships will be harmonious.

gold starThink and Thank. As we think of things we appreciate about others and express that appreciation often, we deepen and sweeten our connection with them.

gold starLook for Positive Aspects. When we focus on the positive qualities of others, they will display more of their positive qualities – at least with us! It helps to remember this: At their core, EVERYONE is Pure, Positive Energy.

gold starTell a New Story. We can free ourselves from past hurts and painful memories by talking about relationships the way we want them to be. We can get unstuck by telling a new, improved story, such as: “All my relationships are joyful!”

Now that we’ve shined a light on the major factors behind relationship woes and relationship bliss, let’s turn our attention to what Law of Attraction considers the key to manifesting wonderfully harmonious relationships:


Although we have no real control over what others are doing, we have complete control over our own thoughts – and, happily, that is all we need. Our thoughts determine what kind of people we attract into our lives and our thoughts determine how these people behave once they get there.

Good relationships are creations. As we direct our thoughts exclusively and consistently toward what we DO WANT in relationships, we begin consciously and deliberately creating the relationships of our dreams.

As we maintain a strong connection with Source, love ourselves and others, appreciate rather than judge, live our lives as we see fit and let others do the same, accept full responsibility for our own happiness, feel as good as we can in every moment, and direct the power of our thoughts toward the positive aspects of others, we are applying the Law of Attraction to create delightful, delicious relationships. When we do these things, we are sure to create the joyful relationships we desire.

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