The Magic of Abundance

Abundance of money falling from skyToto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” This was Dorothy’s famous line upon finding herself transported to the Land of Oz. I felt the same way when I discovered the Law of Attraction. I felt as if I had been transported to an entirely new Universe – a Magical Universe where dreams really do come true, where Life itself is a pure joy, and where, truly, All is Well.

As magical as I originally perceived this new Universe to be, I am now even more amazed to find that it is a Universe of Absolute Abundance. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – it got better! I continue to be amazed and thrilled and delighted that, with the Law of Attraction on our side, we can have whatever we desire and allow, which means that abundance of all kinds is available to us. An abundance of joy! An abundance of health! An abundance of wealth!

And, for the first time in my life, I’m ready to allow in financial abundance. As the daughter of a CPA, I was taught that money is serious business. I was taught to play the ledger sheet game and to be very careful with money. In the ledger sheet game, when you spend money, you have less. Each expense equals a net loss. The ledger sheet game works very well in a Universe of Lack and Limitation. However, in a Universe of Abundance, the Cosmic Overdraft Protection plan works better and is a lot more fun.

With Cosmic Overdraft Protection, when you spend money, you open up a space and allow the Universe to refill it. I love this! With Cosmic Overdraft Protection, I can now make all my decisions based on whether I want the experience or not – not based on whether I believe I can afford it. I’m enthusiastically letting go of the ledger sheet mentality of lack and limitation and stretching my money muscle. I shop by feeling now rather than by price tags, asking myself, “How does this feel?” and “Do I want this experience?” I trust that I wouldn’t have the desire if I didn’t have the ability to receive it.

Later in The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy says “Oh dear! I keep forgetting I’m not in Kansas!” Me too! But each time I forget, I remind myself that all limitations are self-imposed. I remind myself that my job is to have desires and the job of the Universe is to fulfill them. I remind myself that all I have to do is decide what I want and then allow it in. Desire and Allow and Receive – what a magnificent system! I’m so excited to be leaving behind my fears and limitations regarding money and wholeheartedly embracing the Magic of Abundance!

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