It’s Just A Story – You Can Tell A Better One

tell a better storyIt’s difficult sometimes to accept that everything you tell yourself is simply a story.  You know, the story you tell about how life is unfair or the one about money being hard to come by or the story that says you’re destined to suffer with poor health or painful relationships.  They’re all just stories.

Based on real life experiences, you came to conclusions about life and about your place in it.  Those conclusions became the stories you tell yourself.  And, for the most part, those stories made sense at the time.

Of course, some of your stories are positive and empowering.  But what about your old “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad” stories?  They prevent you from getting what you want in life.  Plus, they make you feel bad.  And they make you feel bad about yourself.

Positive story or negative story – either way, you’ll see evidence everywhere to support your thesis.

“As you tell the story the way you want it to be,
the Universe has to comply. It has to.”

– Abraham-Hicks

Bottom line is that everything you’re experiencing in your life is a direct reflection of the stories you’ve been telling.  Good to know, right?  Now, what to do?

Here’s the magical knowledge that enables a breakthrough:
gold starYou can tell a better story.

gold starWhen you tell a better story, your life gets better.

You can revise and edit and rewrite until your story feels good and actually supports you in creating the life you desire rather than continuing to undermine your best efforts.

Two important prerequisites:
gold starYou’ve got to stop believing your old stories.

gold starYou’ve got to stop arguing for your limitations.

How do you know if your story is true or not?  If it feels bad, it’s not true.  Period.

I’m not saying what happened isn’t true.  I’m saying the conclusion you came to that makes you feel bad is not true.

Because of my childhood experiences and the conclusions I came to about them, I had an old story entitled, “I’m not good enough.”  And I spent my life trying to get other people to convince me that I really was good enough after all.

EFT helped me get to the origin of that story and EFT, along with meditation and affirmations, helped me turn it around.

I had to tell my new story even before I completely believed it.  And that’s how you change your story.  From a high vibration, you replace the old painful story with a new life-enhancing one.  A story that feels better.  A story of what you do want.

Will it change overnight?  Probably not, but the quantum leap comes in realizing:
gold starIt’s just a story.

gold starIt’s not true.

gold starYou can change it if you want to.

If you’ve ever asked, “Hey, Law of Attraction, where’s my stuff?” here’s the answer.  Your stuff is behind the barricade of your negative story waiting for you to release it.

When you release that old, tired, worn-out, no good, untrue, painful story, you get back another piece of your magnificence that simply wasn’t available to you with the old script.

Everything you’re living is in response to the story you’re telling.  And you get to decide if you like your story and if it’s working FOR you or AGAINST you.  It’s just a story.  You can tell a better one.

Life doesn’t happen TO you.
It’s happens FROM you in accordance with your story.

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