The Magic of Enthusiasm

“Make sure that your life is a rare entertainment!  It doesn’t take anything drastic.  You needn’t be gorgeous or wealthy or smart – just very Enthusiastic!”
– Bette Midler

two boys showing enthusiasmWelcome to the Wonderful World of Enthusiasm!  When you enter this magical realm, you ride a wave of Life Force Energy that carries you easily and joyfully to the fulfillment of your desires.  Want more money?  Get excited about it!  Ready for your ideal relationship?  Feel passionate about it!

What a vibrant, potent force the Vibration of Enthusiasm is!  With Enthusiasm and Passion, you broadcast your desires at a zillion watts and the Universe responds with equal intensity.

The word, Enthusiasm, comes from the Greek for “filled with God.”  How about that?  The etymology confirms that Enthusiasm is the state of being plugged in to Source.

Enthusiasm is that twinkle in your eye, that spring in your step.  It’s that fire in the belly that says “I’m alive and I know who I am and what I want.”  Enthusiasm is wholeheartedness.  With Enthusiasm, you’re aligned, you’re connected, you’re open to receive the juicy abundance of life.

Enthusiasm determines the difference between ordinary and extraordinary, between mediocre and meteoric.  In sports, politics, business, the arts – in every field of human endeavor – the ones who make it to the top are invariably fueled by Enthusiasm.  What greatness are you ready to achieve with the power of Enthusiasm?

Here’s how to get the Magic of Enthusiasm flowing freely in your life:
 Acknowledge that Enthusiasm is your birthright, which means it’s always there – like the sun on a cloudy day.
 To align with your natural state of Enthusiasm, do what you love.  Let your heart steer the ship.  What have you always felt drawn to do since you were a kid?  What activities make you come alive?  What totally absorbs you so you lose track of time?  Find things you love to do and give yourself permission to DO THEM.
 Hang around with happy kids, playful pets, vibrant friends and PLAY!
 Stop postponing joy.  Life is supposed to be fun, so have some fun today!
 Say YES more than NO.
 Act NOW rather than “some day.”
 Choose your heart over your head.
 Be yourself – who YOU really are, rather than who “they” say you should be.
 Go for your big dreams and refuse to settle for less than the best.
 Show up!  As the song says, “when you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.”

A hearty dose of Enthusiasm can mean the difference between an OK life and a life of magnificence.  Your vibration of Enthusiasm is a powerful magnet summoning and attracting your highest good, your most heartfelt desires.  Re-discover your natural exuberance.  Give the Universe a crystal clear, unequivocal statement of your desires by focusing with full-on Enthusiasm.  When you engage the Magic of Enthusiasm, you’ll be supported and empowered to Live Your Best Life Now!

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