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thoughts created the body - the skelton of a human body.In my ebook, Think and Grow Thin, I make this bold statement at the end of each chapter:

Your thoughts created the body you now have.  Your thoughts can create the body you would like to have.

This is a restatement of the principle that you create your own reality with your thoughts and it applies to your weight as well as to any physical condition of your body.

Your body – like all aspects of your life – is a reflection of the thoughts you think.  If you’re currently experiencing an unwanted physical condition, you may not be receptive to those words, but take heart:  Your body is extremely responsive to improved thoughts; and you have the ability in any moment to focus on good-feeling, hopeful thoughts.  Remember the first principle of Law of Attraction – Focus on what you DO want, not on what you DON’T want.  As you consciously choose to focus on the physical conditions you DO want, you begin to create those conditions.

Here’s more good news:  Your natural state is Well-Being. That means that, no matter how far away Well-Being may feel, it is still your natural state and the cells of your body can always find their balance.  You can, therefore, override any physical condition you DON’T want by focusing deliberately and consistently on the physical condition you DO want.

I like to tell this story from many years ago when I was first beginning to practice the Law of Attraction.  One day as I was hiking with my dog, I noticed a pain in my knee and thought, “Oh, no, what’s wrong?”  I immediately realized that, if I’m looking for something wrong, I will find something wrong.  So I focused on my knee and switched my thoughts to “Allow the Well-Being . . . Allow the Well-Being . . .” and, within seconds, the pain was gone.  It was the first of many realizations about long-standing habits of thought that were not a vibrational match to my desires.  To this day, I have continued the practice of noticing discomfort and repeating “Allow the Well-Being . . . Allow the Well-Being . . .” and finding relief in the moment.

Over the years, as I have had the honor of coaching clients around health issues, I have developed the following Think & Grow Healthy five-step process.  It works when your body is experiencing the effects of resistance and it works when your body is feeling great – because you can always feel better!

 Relax.  When you relax and breathe deeply, you release resistance (stress) and allow your natural state of Well-Being.  Your body knows how to right itself and, as you relax and breathe, you allow a fresh supply of Life Force Energy to soothe and revitalize your body.  Throughout the day, think “I am more and more relaxed” and imagine your shoulders being massaged with hot stones.  By doing this, relaxation becomes a way of life rather than a special event.

 Visualize.  You can choose to visualize and imagine (and, thus, create) your body the way you want it to be.  The Law of Attraction responds to your imagination in the same way it responds to your observation.  As you hold a picture in your mind of your thriving body, that picture will be reflected in your experience.  Visualize and imagine the excellent health you desire.  See your body in its natural wholeness and perfection.

 Affirm.  Affirmations, or autosuggestions, are the best way to replace negative habits of thought with positive habits of thought.  As you repeatedly replace thoughts of illness with thoughts of health, your subconscious mind begins creating the excellent health you desire.  My affirmation – “It feels so good to take excellent care of myself” – helps me choose positive thoughts and make healthy choices about food and exercise.

 Notice and Replace.  (1)  Pay attention to how you feel.  (2) Choose thoughts that feel better.  Become consciously aware of how you feel so you can replace negative thoughts in the moment.  Physical discomfort is an indicator of negative thoughts.  It is information.   If you notice it early, you can turn it around before the negative emotion manifests as an unwanted physical condition.  Be committed to finding and practicing good feeling thoughts.  Good feeling thoughts produce a good feeling body.

 Appreciate.  Even in the midst of an unwanted physical condition, you can always find people and things to appreciate.  Appreciation is an excellent way to raise your vibration.  When you raise your vibration, your perspective shifts and you feel renewed hope and enthusiasm.  Appreciate what you already have AND what you’re in the process of creating.

Your physical body is an indicator of your habits of thought.  It provides feedback to let you know what you’re in the process of creating.  Relax as much as you can.  Visualize and affirm vibrant good health.  Notice how you feel and choose thoughts that feel better.  Feel appreciation for what-is and eagerness for what is coming.  As you connect the dots between what you’re thinking and feeling and what’s manifesting in your life, you are fully empowered to think and grow healthy, happy and free!

Your thoughts created the body you now have. 
Your thoughts can create the body you would like to have.

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