EFT and the Law of Attraction

EFTI am so excited about EFT these days!  I have known about it for years and have used it successfully on several occasions – even recommended it as a supplemental practice in my ebook, Think and Grow Thin.  And then – you know how it goes – I just sort of forgot about it.

Well, a few months ago, friends, clients, everyone started talking to me about it.  Clearly, it was time to revisit EFT, so I picked up a copy of Nick Ortner’s excellent book, The Tapping Solution.  Next, I found myself with a bad case of poison ivy, which was the perfect opportunity to see if EFT would relieve the symptoms without a visit to the doctor.  And it worked!  I’m now using it daily for issues big and small and I’m offering it to clients who are open to it.

EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique, also known simply as tapping] has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine.  It’s the practice of applying slight pressure to the endpoints of energy meridians, while using key phrases to free oneself from emotional and physical pain.  It’s basically acupuncture without the needles!  Tapping on meridian endpoints unblocks the flow of Life Force Energy, releases repressed emotions, and reprograms the body and mind to act and react in healthy ways.  With EFT, you literally tap into your natural state of Well-Being.

EFT is effective for everything from mild physical discomfort to full-blown traumatic experiences.  It relieves chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, grief, insomnia, anxiety, addiction (both the physical craving and the underlying emotional causes), depression, phobias, PTSD, etc.  It provides freedom from negative emotions and memories, no matter how long their duration.  EFT is the fast track to alignment.

“You can’t create a new future while
holding on to the emotions of the past.”

– Joe Dispenza

There are many people who practice the Law of Attraction and know in their hearts it’s absolutely correct, but somehow their deepest desires remain just out of reach.  When positive affirmations, visualization, etc. don’t seem to be working well enough or fast enough, EFT to the rescue!

Hearing a sarcastic “yeah, right!” in response to your positive affirmations means there are limiting beliefs programmed into your subconscious mind.  EFT releases contradictory beliefs in the subconscious mind that block the efforts of the conscious mind.  EFT enables you to release the past and live in the present so that your conscious focus on what you DO want is no longer sabotaged by limiting beliefs you may not even know you have.

It’s true that a belief is simply a thought you keep thinking, and you can certainly think different thoughts and create different beliefs.  But here’s what I love so much about EFT:  When you use EFT to release limiting beliefs, fears, blocks – resistance of all kinds – you realign, sometimes instantly, with your natural state of Well-Being and the positive, empowering beliefs that are waiting for you there.

There are wonderfully encouraging reports about a new form of humanitarian aid based on tapping.  Groups of EFT practitioners are helping trauma sufferers from Rwanda to Indonesia to Israel to Mexico – transforming despair and grief into hope and peace.  In the US, war veterans are being taught to tap their way through painful and haunting memories with reports of fast relief for symptoms that might otherwise require long-term medication and psychotherapy.  If EFT can treat and heal war veterans and survivors of genocide and natural disasters, imagine what it can do for you!

EFT supports all the things that make Law of Attraction work better – releasing resistance, believing you can have what you want, knowing you deserve to have what you want, self-love, self-acceptance, and re-aligning with your True Self.  This is why I say EFT and the Law of Attraction are a marriage made in the vortex.



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