How To Create Heaven On Earth

experience heaven on earth - waterfallI was enjoying the absolute best massage recently and this thought came to me: “This is truly Heaven on Earth!”

Then I thought about Abraham’s concept of the Blended Being.

A Blended Being is one who is physically focused and enjoying all aspects of physical life experience; and, at the same time, receiving guidance and intuition from Source in every moment.

To live as a Blended Being, then, is to experience Heaven on Earth.

Which means, Heaven on Earth is a real possibility!

Since it is possible to experience Heaven on Earth, wouldn’t it be a good idea to make that both your goal and your expectation every day?

The truth is you can create heaven on earth or hell on earth simply by what you choose to focus on.

When you see a rose bush, do you focus on the flowers or the thorns?

The only thing needed to experience Heaven on Earth today is your willingness to choose it and focus it into being.

I agree with Sarah Ban Breathnach’s quote at the top where she outlines the two simple steps to feeling good and experiencing Heaven on Earth:
gold starRefuse to focus on what you don’t have.
gold starChoose to focus on the abundance you DO have.

If you’re feeling good, you’re focusing on what you enjoy and appreciate about your life.

If you’re feeling bad, you’re focusing on what you don’t like, what you feel is missing from your life.

It seems like the answer to feeling good and creating the life you desire should be more difficult, more esoteric than that, right?

But it’s not. It’s simply focus.

This is the secret to creating Heaven on Earth:

Shift your focus from what you don’t have that you think you should have and re-focus on the amazing life you DO have.

Then everything changes.

And you get a magical bonus!

Simply by shifting your focus to what you DO enjoy and appreciate about your life, you open the spigot for more abundance of all good things to flow to you.

As Wayne Dyer reminds us, Heaven on Earth is not a place you must find – it’s a choice you must make.

What do you choose?

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