The Infinite Power of Your Mind

power of your mindMy sister broke her wrist a few months ago and, although she is still in pain and has nowhere near full use of her wrist, both the surgeon and the physical therapist are telling her not to expect much more improvement.  After talking with her by phone, I wrote her this note to further encourage her and help her remember her power:

“This is a wonderful opportunity to remind yourself of your power.  You are the physical embodiment of Source with access to the Energy that Creates Worlds.  If you put your mind to it, there is nothing you cannot do.  Abraham jokes that they really like it when the doctors give up on someone because then they’re often inspired to look inside and find their own power.

I know you’re frustrated and exhausted so it’s easy to feel powerless and to believe you can’t have the outcome you desire.  I am here to remind you that it is up to you how this turns out.  No one else gets to decide if you have a full recovery or not.  Only you!

You may have heard stories of people who have employed the power of the mind to reverse blindness, dissolve tumors or survive terminal illness.  Here are two examples of people using the power of their mind to regain full mobility after trauma:

gold starMorris Goodman. I first became aware of Goodman in The Secret where his extraordinary recovery from a plane crash was portrayed. Unable to move or even breathe on his own, the doctors said he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life – if he even survived at all. Rather than accepting that grim diagnosis, Morris was determined to walk out of the hospital a normal man. Firmly believing that “once you have your mind, you can put things back together again,” he used the power of his mind to visualize himself well. The astonished doctors dubbed him “The Miracle Man” as he did, in fact, walk out of the hospital – after only eight months! He now travels the world sharing his inspiring story that confirms “man becomes what he thinks about.”

gold starChiropractor Joe Dispenza is another remarkable example.  Joe, as he puts it “had the privilege of getting run over by a truck in a triathlon” and being told he would never walk again.  Completely immobilized, he willed his body to heal.  Refusing surgery, he remained convinced that “the power that made the body, heals the body.”  For two hours a day, he created a picture in his mind of having a healthy healed spine.  Amazingly, after only eleven weeks, he was back in his office seeing patients!

We think of these people as miraculous because hardly anyone knows they have access to this infinite power.  And even fewer actually access their power and focus their mind toward the outcome they desire.  Some day this will be mainstream, but that doesn’t make it any less do-able today.

Each one of us gets to direct this power toward our own desires.  This is how we consciously create our own reality.

What is required is that you make up your mind and not let anyone talk you out of it.  Yes, you will get tired and yes you will get discouraged on your journey, but you will rest and get up the next day with renewed determination and focus.

It really is up to you.  If you want it enough, you can do it.  I have 100% confidence in your ability to do this if you decide it is important enough.  One caveat:  You may be guided to make surprising changes to your life in the process, but if you are aligned with your Inner Being, you will know these changes are right for you.”

I wrote these words to inspire my sister and, in so doing, I also inspired myself to more consistently focus the Energy that Creates Worlds toward my desires – big and small – and to not settle for less than I desire.

Perhaps you will be encouraged and inspired as well!

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