Limiting Beliefs and Other Stinking Thinking

limiting beliefs - im-possibleLimiting beliefs – we’ve all got them.  You can’t grow up human without absorbing some of the limiting beliefs of your parents, culture or society.  Limiting beliefs don’t feel good when you think them – that’s how you know you’ve got some stinking thinking going on.  Fortunately, your emotional guidance system is always on the job to alert you when you begin thinking thoughts that don’t serve you.

So why care?  Because any belief, thought, or attitude that restricts or disempowers you – any thought that feels bad when you think it – blocks the natural flow of Well-Being that would otherwise be yours.  Limiting beliefs act as resistance to the people, things and experiences you desire to attract.

As you uncover your own stinking thinking, you are then able to consciously choose thoughts that contribute to your happiness rather than undermine it. As you shine a light on your limiting beliefs, you are then able to replace them with empowering beliefs.

Here’s a list of twelve limiting beliefs I have identified.  You may resonate with some of these and you may have your own personal favorites.

1. Life is hard. Well, that depends on your understanding of how life works. Life can be extremely difficult if you don’t know why unwanted things come to you or why wanted things stay away.  The Law of Attraction explains how you can create your own reality – a reality you truly desire.  With the Law of Attraction, life is no longer hard – it’s fun!

2. I’m not good enough. This is the most damaging lie we tell ourselves. There is nothing true about this belief or any of its manifestations – I’m not smart enough, talented enough, attractive enough, etc. You do not need to justify your existence. You are a physical extension of Source.  You are absolutely wonderful and eternally worthy just as you are.

3. I can’t really have what I want. In this Universe of Well-Being, where you attract what you focus on, unlimited abundance of all kinds is yours for the asking. It is not necessary to settle for less than you truly desire. You CAN have what you want and you can have it delivered!  ;-]

4. Suffering is inherent in life. Suffering is NOT an inevitable aspect of life. Suffering comes from a belief in powerlessness and a focus on lack and limitation. Your natural state is one of Well-Being. Although some contrast is inevitable, suffering is optional.  You can think thoughts that enable you to feel better no matter what.

5. Some people just make me mad. If you think someone else is making you mad or sad or anything else, remember your power of choice. As Eleanor Roosevelt put it – “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” No one can make you feel ANYTHING without your consent.

6. I’m here to climb the ladder of righteousness. Nope! You’re here to experience the delicious joy of creating in accordance with your own desires, thereby contributing to the expansion of the Universe.

7. I must work extremely hard to be successful. Wrong! In fact, the more you lighten up and enjoy what you’re doing, the more successful you will be. In accordance with the Law of Attraction, you attract situations and people that match your vibration. If you want to attract success in an easy and joyful manner, tune your vibration to feel successful now.

8. It is someone else’s responsibility to make me happy. This is another popular, yet disempowering idea. Many of us expect a spouse or significant other to make us happy. This misguided belief keeps you powerless and dependent. Take back your power by realizing your happiness is always an inside job.

9. Circumstances need to change before I can feel good. Actually, it’s the other way around. When you feel good, you manifest circumstances that feel good. As you choose good feeling thoughts, your circumstances match your good feeling vibration.

10. Some people have all the luck. Why do some people appear to be especially fortunate? Does God love them more? Do they have better karma? Were they dealt a better hand? Actually, anyone can have “all the luck” once they decide to notice how they feel and consistently choose thoughts that feel better.

11. I must live my life according to the standards of others. This one trips up most of us at one time or another as we try to please others or fit in socially. As you tune in to your own emotional guidance system, you enjoy the glorious feeling of empowerment. As you gain the certainty that it really is YOUR life, you become unwilling to relinquish your power to design and create it.

12. I cannot be both wealthy and spiritual. Some religions believe in a strict separation between the material and the spiritual, contending that a spiritual person should not seek worldly goods. Deepak Chopra’s quote, “we are spiritual beings having a physical experience,” is a reminder to lighten up and enjoy all that life has to offer – both the physical and the spiritual.

If you ever feel less than fully empowered, consider the bumblebee. Physicists have proven that it’s aerodynamically impossible for bumblebees to fly. Fortunately, bumblebees remain unconvinced and continue to be happy little flyers.

So, make a promise to yourself that you won’t let any one, any time, any where convince you that you can’t. Be like the bumblebee and take to the skies, knowing you truly CAN create the life you desire!

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