What Do I Have To Do To Get What I Want?

dog feeling goodHave you ever watched a dog determined to get a treat?  The only thing on that dog’s mind is – What do I have to do to get that treat?  Do I have to sit?  Do I have to stand on my hind legs?  What?  Let me know and I’ll do it.

You and I are always asking that question too.  What do I need to do to get the money / the job / the relationship / the weight loss / the improved health that I so desire?

We usually think we need to take some sort of physical action.  And sometimes it does require action – inspired action – but the first requirement is always to feel good.

That’s feeling good first – before the manifestation!

As Abraham asks, “Are you willing to pay the price of feeling good?”

It’s a good question.

So, are you?  Are you willing to pay the price of feeling good?

Because, when you feel good, you’re a vibrational match to your “treat.”

When you feel good, you’re inspired to the best physical action to take and the best time to take that action.

From now on, when you think about your desire and wonder what you have to do to manifest it, ask yourself:

Am I willing to pay the price of feeling good
in order to get what I want?

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